Finest Selection – one box for discovering and enjoying the most beloved YOGI TEA® blends.

09. September 2015

The YOGI TEA® Finest Selection invites all tea lovers to discover the incomparable, rich taste of organic quality and explore the diverse world of YOGI TEA®.

The new YOGI TEA® Finest Selection combines the nine most popular YOGI TEA® creations that could not be more different: whether it’s spicy, fruity, fresh or flowery. We are happy to tell you on our blog what you will find in the new Finest Selection box.

  • YOGI TEA® Classic combines the power of exotic spices like cinnamon, ginger, spicy cloves and black pepper.
  •  The invigorating combination of herbal and spice tea blend YOGI TEA® Ginger Lemon stimulates your spirits and cup-FISE-ENcreates a sense of lightness.
  •  The addition of spicy ginger, orange peel, cinnamon and black pepper together with a hint of vanilla in YOGI TEA® Licorice create a uniquely intriguing taste experience.
  •  YOGI TEA® Sweet Chai, with its natural sweetness of herbs and spices such as anise, fennel, cloves or cardamom – a tea blend to fall in love with.
  •  A delicious blend of ginger, orange peel, angelica root and Ayurvedic spices, the unique YOGI TEA Women’s Tea helps support pleasing our souls in the natural cycles of life.
  • The warm enveloping chocolate taste in YOGI TEA® Sweet Chili soothes the inner child – an intriguing, refreshing tea to be enjoyed anytime.
  • The aromatic cocoa shells in combine with the YOGI TEA® Choco traditional spices YOGI TEA® to create a paradisiacal herbal tea blend.
  • The gentle, slightly fruity herbal tea blend YOGI TEA® Throat Comfort ensures soothing warmth through orange peel, fennel, thyme and ginger.
  • The sweet fruitiness of lemon myrtle and lemongrass in combination with fresh peppermint take YOGI TEA® Green Ginger Lemon to even greater heights, giving it a refined, refreshing quality.

You can discover more about the Finest Selection box here.