Women’s Tea and Men’s Tea?!?

26. January 2016

Now and then we receive the question “why YOGI TEA® has created Women’s and Men’s Tea?”. “It is just a marketing trick!” – This is what many people think.

We forwarded the question to Sat Hari Singh and hope, his explanation can help.

The world is based on the principle of polarity, which is reflected in its various aspects by the many wisdom teachings that also include the philosophy of Ayurveda and yoga:

Shakti/Shiva – Prakriti/Purusha – Yin/Yang – Moon/Sun – material world/spirit – or simply… woman/man. Life is not conceivable without these polarities. Both aspects of a polarity are contained in every living being to different extents. The creation is only complete when these two polarities complement each other.

In yoga and Ayurveda, man and woman are definitely seen as equals who wonderfully express their respective special characteristics of beauty through their body, their nature and their being. The polarity of man and woman is one of the essential principles of these philosophies since men and women are ultimately very different in their anatomies.

Ayurveda is familiar with many herbs and spices that can delight the female or male nature. YOGI TEA® has composed the corresponding teas for women and men. Based on experience, we know that these teas are also popular with tea lovers of the other gender. So it is obvious that everyone can enjoy them.

Another question is also, what does the essence of Women’s Tea really mean.
The sentence “Deep compassion” is related to the power of feel compassion for other people.

We hope that this background information has helped you.