Take a deep breath and let your soul soar free.
Peaceful MomentPeaceful Moment
Peaceful Moment

Peaceful Moment

This is what harmony feels like! YOGI TEA® Peaceful Moment with high-quality essential lavender oil, fresh lemon balm and rooibos invites you to rest and relax.

"Take a deep breath and let your soul soar free."

Rooibos*, Cinnamon*, Fennel*, Liquorice*, Lavender flowers*, Anise*, Chamomile flowers*, Peppermint*, Cardamom*, Lemon balm*, Cocoa shells*, Sage*, Carob*, Ginger*, Hops*, Black pepper*, Lavender oil*, Nutmeg*, Vanilla beans*

* Certified organic

lavender oil

Lavender oil

Essential lavender oil is obtained from the flower of lavender, a plant that belongs to the family of mint plants native to the Mediterranean. Lavender tastes very aromatic and is known for its beautiful flowers as well as the sweet heady perfume.


To this day, the redbush - which is also called rooibos - from the legume family is cultivated exclusively in the cedar mountains of South Africa. Growing to a height of two metres, the plant is only harvested once every year. Its leaves are made into rooibos tea, which is the mild-fruity and slightly sweet tasting national beverage of South Africa.

lemon balm

Bees love its nectar-rich fruit, and human beings appreciate the spicy-fresh, lemony taste of its leaves. In the Middle Ages, lemon balm was so highly valued that it had to be cultivated in every European monastery garden per decree.

lavender flowers

We can smell it everywhere around the Mediterranean: the tantalising fragrance of lavender. The plant of the mint family is native to these areas, even if it is now cultivated throughout the world because of its beautiful flowers. Lavender tastes tart-spicy and slightly bitter. It contains valuable essential oils.

Relax in 2 Minutes

Sit cross-legged. Stretch the arms out straight and stiff in front of you, hands in fists, with the palm sides facing down. At the level of your heart center, begin rotating the fists in small circles, the right fist clockwise and the left fist counter clockwise. Keep the elbows straight and fists tight. Move the shoulder blades and the muscles underneath the shoulder area. Continue powerfully for 2 minutes with a long deep breath through the nose.

100°C 250ml
5-7 min

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