Yoga Videos

Yoga is and always has been our source of inspiration – It awakes our inner consciousness and invites us to feel at home in our body, mind and spirit.

Yoga is a joyful, blissful and fulfilling experience – It helps you to get the life energy flowing.

Yoga reveals the luminous intelligence and the beauty that lies within us.

For us, Yoga is a way of life.

Our yoga poses can be practised by beginners and advanced practitioners. They allow us to consciously and carefully find out what benefits our body and spirit and can help us to find our inner centre and inner peace. With our videos, you can discover a plethora of different yoga poses, practise these and make them part of your daily life.

Classic Yoga for Grounding

Classic Yoga for GroundingYOGI TEA® Classic is an Ayurvedic blend that lays the foundation of all other YOGI TEA® flavours. The yoga poses in this video are here to help you manifest your true foundation in life.

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Relax Yoga

Relax Yoga VideoThe sequence in the video shown is a restorative practice. Restorative yoga poses invite you to BE instead of DO. They will strengthen your immune and nervous system as well as improve your attention and awareness.

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Immune Support Yoga

Video - Immune Support YogaSlowing down allows us to ground ourselves. During quiet moments we are able to hear ourselves better and attend to our own needs. This yoga video will guide you through a sequence of breathing exercises and slow restorative yoga poses.

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Yoga pose for inner strength

Thumbnail Yoga Video Innere StärkeWhere is your inner strength when you need it? You will quickly find it with this exercise. This yoga exercise boosts your inner strength and stability.

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Yoga pose “Easy yoga for energy”

Thumbnail Yoga Video energyThis yoga exercise is ideal for a quick energy when you have a spare moment.

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Yoga pose for balance and to strengthen the body

Thumbnail Yoga Video balance Do you feel out of balance? Then this yoga exercise will provide balance and strengthen your core.

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Yoga pose for renewal

Thumbnail Yoga Video renewal Are you feeling low? Then it is time for this yoga exercise, which will increase your entire sense of well-being.

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Yoga pose to support your immune system

Thumbnail Yoga Video immune systemThis yoga exercise helps you when you feel tired and lethargic. It supports your immune system.

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Yoga pose “Sun salutation”

Thumbnail Yoga Video sun salution The sun salutation is a classic sequence in Hatha yoga, most commonly practised at the start of a yoga session. However, it is also ideal for practising on its own during your spare moments in order to activate, stretch and strengthen all major muscle groups.

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Yoga pose to strengthen the lower back

Thumbnail Yoga Video shoulder bridge This Hatha yoga sequence with variations of the shoulder bridge mobilises and strengthens the back.

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Yoga pose to strengthen the core

Thumbnail Yoga Video strenghten the core This short Hatha yoga sequence helps to centre you, make you more self-aware and give you strength for the small and major challenges of everyday life.

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Yoga pose for acute stress

Thumbnail Yoga Video acute stressWith this Hatha yoga sequence, you can quickly relax your neck and shoulders and thereby reduce stress in your body.

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Yoga pose for letting go

Thumbnail Yoga Video letting go Letting go is an art that we can train with this short sequence with variations of the Lord of the Fishes pose taken from Hatha yoga.

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